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The Gunfighter PRO's scenarios allow the trainee to make those split-second use-of-force decisions in a controlled environment, while the instructor can change the outcome of the scenarios to custom tailor to a specific class or training objective.

Police officer with a glock 19

The Training Lab™ is an interactive Use of Force and Firearms Simulation system that combines the latest technologies with unique feature sets, allowing for total training customization.

use of force simulator training

The Training Lab is our Premiere Training Simulator, ensuring the best trainee experience possible. Departments looking for a high-quality, full-function Training Simulator choose The Training Lab for its high level of system flexibility and range of use. It is an industry-leading simulation technology.

A wide range of force options from TASER™ to Baton to commonly used firearms are available for this system. The system offers low-light simulation and up to 18 participants. In terms of content, the interactive software comes pre-loaded with hundreds of scenarios, along with the ability to customize the scenarios to your specifications.

From top to bottom, THE TRAINING LAB is the entire package. It's a simulator complete with everything you need to train your Department to conduct quality Use of Force training for your personnel.

firing line

Firing Line™ is our virtual Marksmanship Training Simulator

The course of fire on ti simulator Virtual marksmanship training is an effective supplemental tool that allows for more frequent weapons training without the cost of live ammunition. Thus a huge benefit of Firing Line is AFFORDABILITY. Departments will specifically see cost savings in ammunition and logistics. Frequent weapons training in the virtual environment allows officers to practice weapon handling techniques.

With Firing Line you are able to run Courses of Fire in realistic environments. The system allows for training using accurate weapons ballistics with environmental effects such as wind, rain, snow and light. You have the option of using pre-loaded standard Courses of Fire or choosing to design custom qualification courses with their own distance and ammunition attributes. Using the Range Designer Tool the trainer can create the visual look of the environment such as a desert or urban backdrop. Firing Line offers flexibility in developing the technical aspects as well as the visual look of virtual Marksmanship training courses to emulate a real-world training course.

Course of fire on ti simulator Virtual marksmanship training is an effective supplemental tool

And even more, functionality exists:
Creation or import of your own target images through the Target Designer function,

along with controls to edit scoring zones on the targets.

Ability to maintain your database of trainees by adding, editing, or modifying trainee information such as name, ID number, and unit ID. Customizable weapons ballistics.

Law Enforcement & First Responders

From routine vehicle stops and active shooter training to communication and de-escalation training, immerse your officers into the same types of calls they will see on duty.  Our content library continually grows via Ti Productions; we have scenarios for almost any call officers will encounter. With numerous branching and Force options, you can escalate or de-escalate the situations and give your officers the opportunity to make life and death decisions and learn in a safe, controlled environment, and prepare them for real-life encounters.


Corrections & Detention

In custody, intake, prisoner transport, and courtroom - we cover all aspects of a detention setting.   Prepare your officers to work on the block, in the yard, in the courtroom, and on transports.  We bring multiple situations for them to hone their skills in the corrections environment.

School Safety

School safety is at the forefront of our society.  Prepare your officers for all types of situations in a school setting.  For SROs, first responders to an emergency at school, we bring the realities they may deal with. We bring multiple branching options to make the situations as realistic as possible so they can make the right decisions when the time comes.

Ti Training is proud to be partnering up with many of the top school safety and active-shooter response experts in the US to create a comprehensive school-safety training program. Ti is committed to developing interactive training content available exclusively on our Training Lab platform that will provide a powerful tool to school administrators, school resource officers, and first-responders for school-safety training issues. Our goal is to help make this training an integral part of the global response to keeping our students, school staff, and law enforcement professionals safe and prepared.


Health Services

The hospital/health services environment has become a critical area.  For LE, Security, and Health Specialists, we bring situations that are realistic in today’s society.  Most of the scenarios allow for de-escalation responses, compelling staff to use their verbal skills for de-escalation and putting emphasis on talking with individuals.  We bring a variety of different situations for staff to handle.


Places of Worship

Staying with recent situations in our society, we have created scenarios in places of worship.  Giving LE, church security, and church staff situations we have seen in recent years in churches, etc.  Staff can gain real-time practice in dealing with situations they may one day encounter.


De-Escalation Training

Society has put more demands on law enforcement to deal with situations without resorting to force. The vast majority of our 800+ scenarios have a de-escalating branching option. Knowing that most LE, security, and corrections personnel don’t want to use force unless absolutely necessary, we give the trainer options to allow the responders to de-escalate situations. Whether it’s the mere presence or verbal skills, our scenarios can reflect the student’s ability to bring situations to an end by utilizing those skills.


Private Security

Scenarios created specifically for the Security industry.  Whether armed or unarmed, we place the security professional into situations they would see on a daily basis.  From simple trespassing to active assaults, security personnel will have the opportunity to learn the best way to handle these situations.


Probation & Parole

These scenarios create situations specifically created for Probation/Parole officers. Scenarios include situations a Probation/Parole officer may encounter. For example, home visit scenarios with different possibilities from no issues encountered to full-on assaults. Observational scenarios to ensure the subject is meeting the conditions of probation/parole are another example. Whatever the training objective, there is a scenario to give Probation and Parole professionals the opportunity to learn.


Court Services

Trainees will be placed in situations from Court entry/magnetometer to inside the courtroom. As with our other scenarios, these have been created to replicate situations that have happened in the real world.  Trainees will be able to practice their skills and tools to handle situations they may encounter.


Crisis Intervention Personnel

CIT Training and De-Escalation scenarios are primary to our library. Trainees will be placed into situations where they can practice these skillsets for a desirable outcome. Numerous branching options in these scenarios provide trainers the ability to escalate/de-escalate the situation so the trainee can learn the appropriate application of these skills.