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Carl Hirt Spotting for his daughter
Bob Poras former US Army Delta force becoming an NRA Certified instructor through Carl Hirt at Hirts Defensive Solutions
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Carl Hirt in Pat McNamara's class shooting from behind cover

Meet Carl Hirt, a seasoned professional with a distinguished career spanning more than 20 years in the realm of firearms. His journey started with personal expertise, evolving over the years into a deep-seated passion for equipping others with essential firearms knowledge and training. For over a decade, Carl has been dedicated to educating individuals on firearms safety, emphasizing the principles of self-defense.


His expertise isn't restricted to personal use but extends to instructional roles. As an NRA Training Counselor since 2017, Carl has been actively involved in cultivating a new generation of instructors. This role has allowed him to guide countless individuals to certification, further propagating safety awareness and proficient handling of firearms.


Before his plunge into full-time NRA training, Carl had an almost decade-long tenure as a licensed Fugitive Recovery Agent, also known as a bounty hunter. This experience added a unique dimension to his expertise, honing his real-world skills and tactical knowledge that he now passes onto his students.


Among his many qualifications and accolades, Carl serves as a RTBAV Regional Counselor, Chief Range Safety Officer, and a Classroom/Firearms Instructor under the GA Board of Private Detectives and Security Agency. He is also recognized as a TN Conceal Handgun Instructor, a Bail Enforcement Agent by the VA Department of Criminal Justice, and a Certified Glock Armorer.


Carl's continuous pursuit of knowledge is reflected in his wide-ranging training resume, which includes Practical Pistol and Practical Rifle training from Center Mass Tactical, Surgical Speed Shooting from OPS, Advanced Fighting Pistol and Immediate Action Medical from Tactical Response, and Intermediate Defensive Pistol from Protective Measures, among many others.


In addition to firearms, Carl is proficient in law enforcement and security training, boasting qualifications like the Basic Security Officer Training and Pistol Qualification from the Law Enforcement & Security Specialists Private Training Academy. Moreover, his expertise in emergency medical procedures includes courses like 'Stop the Bleed' and 'First Aid' from Everyday Medic.


Rounding out his diverse skill set, Carl also holds qualifications in Computer Science & Investigation, including 44E Bail Enforcement and 07E Weapons Training. This wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience equips Carl to provide comprehensive training and instruction in a wide array of areas, instilling confidence, and competence in his trainees.


In essence, Carl Hirt is not just a skilled firearm professional, he is a passionate educator committed to fostering a culture of safety, expertise, and respect for firearms in his community.


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