This is not your everyday concealed carry class we will not be bound by strict range rules that will keep us from realistic training. We live in a 360 degree world so we should train like it. This is a highly intense 1-day handgun class that will push you past your comfort zone. This course will prepare you to fight with your pistol, not just shoot a paper target. Topics covered include: administrative items, safety rules, goals and objectives, mindset, tactics, and tactical gun handling skills. By the end of the course you will understand common malfunctions and how to fix them, shooting fundamentals, defensive mindset, and the legal use of force.

Come to class the way you carry "So no drop leg holsters no race holsters" 

Defensive Pistol

  • Cancellation/ Refund/ Exchange Policy: Booking a class at Hirt's Defensive Solutions LLC is a commitment to train. We understand things happen in life. We train in all weather class will not be called off cause it's raining. If you are unable to attend we will move your deposit to the next avaliable class. NO CALL NO SHOW NO REFUND. If Hirt's Defensive Solutions LLC cancels the class YOU WILL BE ISSUED A FULL REFUND