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New class starts every Monday at 9:00 AM
at Hirts Defensive Solutions

24 State Route 20 Spur SE,
Cartersville, GA 30121

Become a State Certified Armed Security Officer, Apply for your Blue Card through a licensed agency after completing this course.  Taught by a Georgia Board Certified and Licensed Instructor.  
This 40-hour armed training is required to become a certified armed security officer in the State of Georgia.

Must be 21 years of age or older for Armed, 18 Years old for unarmed.
NO FELONY convictions
Valid State Driver's License or State ID


The curriculum includes the following:

  • Legal Issues and Liabilities 

  • Basic Emergency First Aid

  • Bomb Threats and Fire Evacuation

  • Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • Access Control

  • Patrol Techniques

  • Observation Techniques

  • Interview Techniques

  • Fire Detection

  • Crime and Accident

  • Prevention

  • Crime and Accident Protection

  • Terrorism Awareness (Dynamics on Attack, Proactive Counterintelligence, Physical Security, Bombs, Mail Screening, Recognition and Response, Reporting, Bomb Threat Stand-Off Chart)

  • Public Relation

  • Report Writing

  • Courtroom Procedures

  • Personal Security

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Professional Communication

  • Traffic Control

  • Crowd Control

  • Special Problems

  • Controlled Substances Identification

  • Dealing with DUI

  • OSHA

  • Understanding Hazardous Materials

  • BENICE (Biological Nuclear Incendiary Chemical Explosive) Agents

Scenarios created specifically for the Security industry.  Whether armed or unarmed, we place the security professional into situations they would see on a daily basis.  From simple trespassing to active assaults, security personnel will have the opportunity to learn the best way to handle these situations

Unlike many other Training Centers we use a state of the art interactive training simulator from TI Training to prepare the security officer candidate that come through us to make sure they understand the stress that their minds and body go through when making stressful split second decisions which will help them make better decisions understress and will make them of a liability for the company they work for.  

Georgia Security Guard Blue Card Training and Certification, Georgia laws, Report writing, Defensive tactics, Firearms Nomenclature, Laws and the Mechanics of an Arrest, Patrolling, State Required Course For Armed Security officers in Georgia

License # CFTR001292

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