This will be a 4 hour course we will be going over
Weapon systems | optics | Weapon set-up | Red Dot & Magnified optic fundamentals | Zeroing
supported and unsupported shooting positions
Equipment List
Rifle (any Caliber)
Iron Sights, Scope or Red Dot
2-3 magazines 200 rounds of ammunition minimum)
Eye and ear protection
Clothing suitable to the climate/weather
Note-taking material

$20.00 Range Fee


Rifle Marksmanship Course

  • Booking a class at Hirt's Defensive Solutions LLC is a commitment to train. Payments are NON-Refundable  Your Payment is Securing your seat and paying for your materials. We understand things happen in life to where you need to make changed. If you are unable to attend we will move your payment to the next avaliable class.

    If Hirt's Defensive Solutions LLC cancels the class YOU WILL BE ISSUED A FULL REFUND.