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To qualify as an NRA instructor 

 To qualify as an NRA instructor, there are certain requirements you must fulfill. The requirements to become an NRA instructor include:

  1. Complete the basic course for the discipline you wish to teach.

    • For example, if you wish to become an instructor for pistol shooting, then you’re required to complete the NRA Basic Pistol course. If you want to teach individuals how to protect themselves inside their homes, then you’re required to complete the NRA Personal Protection In The Home course.

  2. Demonstrate your shooting skills and expertise in firearm safety.

    • You can show you have adequate firearm safety knowledge and are skilled in shooting by completing a firearm training course, or demonstrating you have adequate shooting experience.

  3. Prove safe and efficient firearm handling skills.

    • It’s essential to know how to adequately handle firearms if you want to teach others about firearm safety. To demonstrate your ability to teach others, you will fill out a questionnaire and complete certain safety exercises.

  4. Successfully complete an NRA instructor course.

    • In addition to the basic course, you must also take an NRA instructor workshop that coincides with the discipline you want to teach. Your time in this course will help you understand how to create a lesson plan and successfully pass on your knowledge to others. These courses are split up between general instructor training and training that’s specific to the discipline you’re interested in teaching.

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